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Hi, I need to set devices in single Kiosk mode, but also I’d like to have a screensaver when this single app is not in use in order to display a specific logo/image when device is inactive. This screensaver would disappear when someone touch the screen (then the device displays back the single app kiosk), and reappear after a 1min of inactivity.

Is this achievable in iOS (preferred option) or Android (alternative option) ?
Thanks for help ! / Oli

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    Jane McLaren



    Hexnode’s Kiosk Screensaver feature allows you to display images (JPG and PNG) or play videos (MP4 and MKV) with audio (MP3 and OGG) as screensavers while locking down your devices running Android 4.4+ into kiosk mode.

    With this feature, you can specify the number of seconds of inactivity after which the screensaver is to be started. Additionally, you can mute videosplay custom background musicfit the images/ videos to full-screen, configure the screen orientation to Portrait/ Landscape modeadjust the screen brightness and more.

    The Kiosk Screensaver feature is set to be released within a week. Meantime, stay tuned to our release notes to get notified on our new releases.

    Jane MacLaren
    Hexnode MDM

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    Josh Hunter


    Hi Chris,

    That’s strange! This usually happens if you have a web app, which is your Hexnode portal, added in the kiosk. Can I know which app do you have as your kiosk app? Additionally, I’d suggest you to check if you have:
    1. More than one kiosk policy applied to this device.
    2. Any app added as a background app.

    Let me know about these, and I’ll help you the best way I can.