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Hi folks, we are a team of 120 employees, we’re trying to deploy the same apk file to all devices at different intervals. We uploaded the app to the portal as a enterprise app using apk file. Also, uploaded it via manifest url. We need to use the app instances to test bugs and then after testing, push it to all devices. So, we pushed them to some company devices as an app catalog.

When users installed the apps from the device end, the app uploaded with the apk file shows the “installed” banner, but the one uploaded using manifest URL does not have this. Is this an issue?

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    How did you add the same app twice in the portal? Every time I try to perform that, the upload fails saying the app is already pressent in the inventory. Is it actually possible to have an app added to the inventory using apk and the same via manifest URL?

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    @Hailey, thanks for reaching out to us!

    From your description, it’s evident that the version names of the app are different. But may I ask you if you’ve provided different version names while adding the manifest URL. In that case, i.e., if you’ve changed the version name while adding the app via manifest URL, it can create conflicts related to app compliance and installation.

    @Jameson and @Aria, thanks for sharing your concerns too. The app upload may fail if you upload an enterprise app with version details the same as its previously added app in the inventory.

    Hope this answers your query.

    Jeff Morrison
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