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Documentation for the Hexnode API?

Unified Endpoint Management Community Forums Hexnode MDM API Documentation for the Hexnode API?

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      Hi, where can I find the documentation for the Hexnode API?

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      Hexnode Support
      Hexnode MDM
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      Hi, Christo.

      It’s right here on our help portal. Please let us know if you have any questions or need help.

      Thanks and regards
      Hexnode Support Team
      +1-866-498-9407 (US Toll Free)
      +44-(800)-3689920(UK Toll Free)
      +61-1800165939 (Australia Toll Free)
      +1-510-545-9700 (Intl)
      Hexnode | Mitsogo Inc.

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        Is there more information about the direct or correct usage of the API or HTTP Request
        can we find somewhere more detail examples like so:
        POST https://<portalname&gt;.hexnodemdm.com/api/v1/actions/users/?order_by=asc&per_page=5000&enrollment_status=enrolled

        but when talking about post whats the correct way to write it?

        taking messages as an example:

        POST https://<portalname&gt;.hexnodemdm.com/api/v1/actions/message/

        where do we write the message we want to send.

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      Amy Watson
      Hexnode MDM

      Hey Ricardo!
      Thanks for reaching out to us!
      You’ve added the parameters in the URL, instead of the body of the HTTP request.
      You’ll need an API development tool to send the HTTP requests. Include the authorization under headers and data in the body of the request as JSON.
      Hope this helps!

      Do have a look through the latest feature updates and what’s cooking here at Hexnode MDM!

      Amy Watson
      Hexnode MDM

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      These docs don’t seem to work anymore?

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      Michelle Hendricks
      Hexnode MDM
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      Hey there,

      Thanks for reaching out to us!
      Could you please let us know the error message you receive while accessing the documentation for Hexnode API?

      Thanks & Regards
      Michelle Hendricks
      Hexnode MDM

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