Block Websites and web filtering from tethering Android

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Hi, we need to block websites, like YouTube, Tiktok, facebook and all video websites to the devices that conect to Android Tablet on tethering wifi connect. any phone will connect to the Andoid Tablet with the MDM software, how we can make web filtering on this tethering connected devices

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  • Hey @alejandro-sanchez, thank you for reaching out to us.

    Regarding your query, I’m afraid it is currently not possible to either identify whether a device is connected to a tethered network or apply web content filtering based on the connected network. And your specific requirement might not be possible at the moment.

    So, you might have to make do with the standalone web content filtering for the time being. While this might not be the ideal solution you are looking for, it is the best possible solution right now.

    We’ll look into what else can be done to help with the situation and keep you posted.

    Best Regards,
    Audrey Black
    Hexnode UEM