Available wifi details and forget option for all network is now available in Kiosk Wifi.

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Need to connect to another wifi network while in Kiosk? We got that covered! 

When the device is in the kiosk mode, you can now view the WiFi networks available and be able to switch among networks once you enter the password to that network. 

This is implemented with the help of peripheral settings under the Kiosk mode, the detailed steps are given below:

  1. Go to Policies tab. Create a New Policy or edit an existing policy. 
  1. Navigate to Kiosk Settings. 
  1. Click on the Peripheral Settings tab located in the sidebar. 
  1. Click Configure. 
  1. Check the Allow Connect to WiFi networks option, below check the options Allow adding Hidden WiFi networks and Allow forget WiFi network (This will only work for devices with android version above 6.0 and to networks configured by Hexnode MDM. 
  1. Click Save.

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