Samsung Knox Technology Integration

Operating System: Android

  • Provisioning
  • Security

Samsung Knox is a security platform built into Samsung devices, popularly known as the Knox security platform. Samsung Knox has broadened the dimensions of Android devices to become completely enterprise-capable which can be used in almost every possible workspace. Knox platform offers a secure mobility solution for enterprises with built-in multi-layered security features over both hardware and software. The natural defense and security mechanism of Samsung Knox devices ensures data protection against malware threats, adding on to its competency.

Using Hexnode, organizations can easily collaborate with Samsung Knox devices to make the most out of the Knox security platform’s immense capabilities to address a wide variety of business challenges. It enhances workplace mobile environments and aids enterprises in deploying, configuring, and managing devices to meet the custom business needs. Moreover, Hexnode helps users to get their devices enrolled productively, making it easier for IT administrators to manage them right from the moment they are unpacked and turned on.

  • Data encryption: Sensitive data on the device is safe and encrypted with the Knox security platform.
  • Run-time protection: Samsung devices run in a safe state, restricting unauthorized access in real-time.
  • Data isolation: Corporate-managed data is stored, isolated, and maintained in a secure place.
  • Security: The Knox platform provides multi-layered security foundations to defend corporate data from intrusion, malware, and threats.
  • Secure boot: Secure Boot prevents unauthorized boot loaders from being loaded during the device start-up.


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