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MacOnboardingMate (MOM) is a migration and onboarding wizard from Agnosys that automates the onboarding of a Mac into a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution and migration of a Mac from one MDM to another.

MacOnboardingMate offers a growing list of features in the domains of enrollment, basic and advanced configurations, device renaming, management account customization, and integrations with the help of API calls. These features are enabled via a configuration file with over 100 keys, so in-depth scripting knowledge is not required.

As a part of onboarding, MacOnboardingMate offers to enrich the enrollment process and provide transparency for the configuration steps, either automated or interactive. In case of migration, MOM orchestrates the disenrollment from the previous MDM and the enrollment in Hexnode UEM. However, the user can reschedule the migration process to run at a convenient time before a deadline, thus preventing it from occurring when specific accounts are logged in and defined apps are opened.

  • User interface: Users can widely customize the MOM user interface with their titles, texts and organization’s pictures. The user is informed of the workflow advancement via a progress bar and status.
  • Workflow status feedback: MOM can report to a dedicated Slack or Teams channel the successive statuses of a device’s onboarding or migration.
  • Device inventory: MacOnboardingMate can prompt users to enter an arbitrary text for the Asset Tag, Department, Description, or Notes field. The user can select values in up to four fully customizable menus mapped to these attributes. As part of a migration, those values may be copied from the MDM that the device leaves.
  • Administrative privileges grant: MOM can automatically grant the logged-in standard user the administrative privileges required by macOS for the enrollment in Hexnode UEM or grant SecureToken to the management account created. The elevation of privileges is actively monitored by an autonomous daemon that revokes the grant if the workflow is interrupted.
  • Find My Mac management: The workflow on a Mac with Apple silicon or a T2 Security Chip requires that the Find My Mac feature be disabled before enrollment in Hexnode UEM. MacOnboardingMate has features to disable the Find My Mac feature before enrolling in an MDM and enable it once after the enrollment.
  • FileVault management: The FileVault PRK can be reissued through Hexnode once the device has been migrated.
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