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Okta is a cloud-based Identity management platform that enables organizations to provide secure access to corporate resources and applications. With a prime focus on overcoming challenges regarding device diversity and identity issues, Okta offers a wide range of features like Single Sign-on, Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication, Universal Directory, Lifecycle Management and much more for enterprise needs. It forms the identity standard for most organizations.

Integrating Okta’s identity services with Hexnode synchronizes the managed users in Okta domain with the UEM console. Collaboration with Okta allows Hexnode users to benefit from reliable access to its on-premise applications with the Single sign-on and intelligent cloud security. Through this integration, Hexnode offers its devices an additional layer of security through Multi-Factor Authentication, along with a simple and transformed user experience. Okta allows organizations to synchronize users and groups to Hexnode console, facilitating authenticated enrollment of cross-platform devices using Okta credentials.

  • Single sign-on (SSO): Always-on SSO service from Okta allows users to use new mobile apps through a two-factor authentication technique.
  • Directory integration: Organizations can easily synchronize managed users/groups in Okta directory with Hexnode.
  • Multi-factor authentication: Okta offers multi-factor authentication without compromising on end-user productivity.
  • User enrollment: User enrollment is easier for organizations that have an Okta account integrated with Hexnode UEM. Users can enroll their devices using their Okta credentials.

Okta, Inc. is a publicly-traded identity and access management company based in San Francisco. It provides cloud software that helps companies manage and secure user authentication into applications, and for developers to build identity controls into apps, website web services and devices.

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