Android Enterprise

Operating System: Android

  • Endpoint Protection
  • Provisioning
  • Security

Android Enterprise Recommended is a program led by Google that enhances the excellence of enterprise device management. The program offers Android APIs, enabling developers to integrate Android support into their Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions. Android Enterprise program streamlines business workflows by providing device administrators with advanced management capabilities that help them deploy and manage devices seamlessly within an organization. With a broad range of features, this program makes Android devices more enterprise-friendly while ensuring the security of critical corporate content. In addition, the Android Enterprise program helps device administrators to manage Android endpoints right from the initial device setup.

Moreover, it provides a managed Play Store for seamless app distribution. This program also helps with containerization to isolate work apps and data from personal apps and data to enhance security and embrace BYOD. Security features are enhanced by using Google Security services, ensuring that the critical security functions happen in the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)

Hexnode’s integration with Android Enterprise makes the enrollment process easier. You can either have complete control over the device or manage only the corporate data on the device, leaving the personal data untouched. While the former can be achieved by enrolling the device in device owner mode, the latter by enrolling in profile owner mode. Hexnode provides the liberty to enable/disable various restrictions on Android Enterprise devices, including basic device functionalities, network settings, display settings, connectivity settings, etc. Other functionalities include device protection against unauthorized factory resets by enabling Factory Reset Protection (FRP). In addition, you may silently install applications and restrict the use of an app by backlisting them. You can also customize the Play Store with applications of your choice and customize the app clusters and pages.

  • Enhanced BYOD with containerization: Create a separate work container to separate corporate data from personal data.
  • Zero-touch enrollment: Deploy devices in bulk to Android Enterprise without any user intervention.
  • Managed Google Play Store: Approve and add Google Play apps to Hexnode inventory to create a custom app store.
  • Distribute enterprise apps: Distribute private apps developed by organizations to the devices even if they aren’t hosted on Google Play
  • App configurations and permissions: Set up configurations and permission for a work app even before installing the app on the devices.
  • Device lockdown: Lockdown devices with specific apps to streamline the user experience using the Android kiosk mode.
  • Restrict device functionalities: Configure enterprise-specific restrictions over the device functionalities based on the requirements.