Point Mobile


  • Devices for the Future: Value-added service kits like EmKitTM, tailor-made to benefit system integrators in engineering an intelligent handheld device meeting industry standard.
  • Rugged Devices: Absolute device ruggedness ensuring proper functioning even in extreme conditions.
  • Elite Customer Service: A worldwide network of authorized service providers offering quick solutions to customer queries around the clock.
  • Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility: Embodies responsibilities like eco-friendliness beyond economic efficiency.


Point Mobile is a rugged device brand renowned for its excellence in creating devices with absolute ruggedness inside and out. Since the establishment in 2006, Point Mobile has been one of the fastest-growing handheld manufacturers globally and is one of the leading experts in rugged enterprise mobility. They offer a full range of rugged smartphones, handheld mobile computers, LTE/Android integrated mobile payment devices, healthcare terminals, RFID readers, and portable Bluetooth scanners. Point Mobile is a key player in the global market and is number one in the domestic market. They are always keen on building their products from scratch, ensuring high product quality befitting the industry standards. Their products are environment-friendly and therefore enables the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The OEMConfig app for Point Mobile facilities easier and more efficient device administration by providing fine-tuned management features for their endpoints. Integrating Point Mobile OEMConfig with Hexnode not only makes the implementation simple but also ensures swifter feature incorporation. Some of the principal mobility management features offered by Point Mobile include device settings, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Proxy configurations, and more.
Configure Point Mobile OEMconfig app using Hexnode

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