Urovo OEMConfig

Operating System: Android

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Urovo OEMConfig is a powerful enterprise configuration solution designed to facilitate the management and customization of Urovo Android devices in the enterprise. Urovo OEMConfig is industry standard compliant and seamlessly integrates with Hexnode’s to provide accurate and efficient device management.The OEMConfig app provides specialized add-on functionality for enterprises to manage their Urovo device fleet. It includes Advanced Wi-Fi setting, APN settings, Kiosk mode, Keymap, support for ScanWedge restrictions, file management capabilities, and many feature access.

  • Unified Interface: Urovo OEMConfig offers a unified interface that simplifies the efficient management of Urovo Android devices, regardless of the specific APIs required to execute tasks. This streamlined approach ensures a user-friendly experience and simplifies the management process.
  • Centralized Control: With Urovo OEMConfig, organizations can exercise centralized control over hundreds of device features, also you can push configurations to individual devices, including device settings within Urovo U-Stage, as well as settings in other Urovo tools. There’s no need for proprietary integration or coding, and no waiting for EMM providers to add support for new features.
  • Advanced Configuration Management: Through the OEMConfig application, administrators can remotely configure various settings, including Scan engine settings, Scanwedge profile, keymap profile, Kiosk mode, support for app management, and file downloads. This comprehensive approach provides flexibility for various configurations, ensuring a robust and adaptable management experience.
  • Effortless Deployment: The unique architecture of Urovo OEMConfig ensures that new device features are automatically supported within EMM solutions. Users can easily install Urovo OEMConfig on their devices, making it ready for use. Every time Urovo introduces a new device feature, Urovo OEMConfig is updated to enable EMMs to instantly support it. Customers can download the app from Managed Google Play or obtain it from the Urovo team for EMMs that support OEMConfig outside of Google Play.
  • Secure UI Settings: Seamlessly manage UI settings, such as display, notifications, home key menu control, power key menu control, wireless toggles, and more, using the OEMConfig application. This enhances the suitability of Urovo devices for enterprise environments.
  • Ease of Use: Urovo OEMConfig provides an intuitive interface that allows users to easily navigate and enable the desired features with a simple click. This ensures a straightforward and user-friendly experience.

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