• Sustainability: Honeywell’s technology development based on sustainable opportunity considers all the healthy and safety aspects while maintaining eco-efficiency.
  • Energy-efficient solutions: Honeywell chooses to deliver its products with a keen focus on implementing energy-efficient solutions.
  • Cybersecurity: Robust security strategy at the corporate level offers protection against potential vulnerabilities, ensuring a safe digital workplace and data security.
  • Mobility Edge Platform: Mobility Edge platform provides a unified dynamic solution with built-in security, empowering employees by delivering exceptional enterprise experiences.


Honeywell International Inc is a public traded company extending its services in business areas like Aerospace, building technologies, safety & productivity solutions, and performance materials & techniques.

Purpose-built handheld mobile devices of Honeywell offer industrial standards and ruggedness to suit enterprise requirements, including AndroidTM and Windows® operating systems technology. These devices are designed to meet varying environmental conditions but are easy to use, deploy, and support. Honeywell mobile devices are based on Mobility Edge™. This unified platform for mobile computing ensures cybersecurity standards and reduces the complexity in maintaining disparate mobile devices across various geographical locations.

Hexnode’s integration with Honeywell makes it easier for organizations to deploy and manage enterprise devices. Honeywell assures the Android Enterprise Recommended Program capabilities through the OEMConfig application. Honeywell UEMConnect, Honeywell’s OEMConfig application, makes it easy for Hexnode to access the device proprietary settings easily and thus manage Honeywell’s mobile devices with no effort. This allows Hexnode’s customers to control the device features which may not be supported by Android™ APIs. Honeywell UEMConnect application incorporates extensive feature support over Honeywell Mobility Edge devices, including widespread network support, business-oriented internal scanner settings, and extended OS security system updates.

OEM-specific app configurations for Honeywell devices

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