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AR Genie remote visual assistance enables a support engineer to view live video from a field technician’s/customer’s smartphone and instruct him via augmented reality 3D annotations. These 3D annotations are placed in the real-world; this can be done from the engineer’s desk, a smartphone, or a tablet.

Engineers and field service Technicians/customers can communicate and exchange information remotely via voice, live video, chat, and 3D annotations to help them understand and resolve issues more quickly.

  • AR Genie Remote Assistance: AR Genie is a remote visual support assistance tool that offers a simple, quick, and secure Augmented Reality (AR) solution for Remote Visual Assistance.
    Anyone can engage with a knowledgeable person who can accurately guide them through troubleshooting problems in real time using 3D annotations, text drawings, and file sharing (documents, photos, and videos).
  • AR Genie fault detection: AR Genie employs cutting-edge technologies such as computer vision AI and deep learning for fault detection and object identification.
    AR Genie helps companies automate time-consuming processes, increase industrial safety, and aid in the detection of a wide range of objects and manufacturing flaws.
  • AR Genie Operations and Training: AR Genie assists technicians with maintenance and repair tasks. By overlaying virtual instructions and visuals on top of the real-world equipment, technicians can easily identify parts and follow step-by-step instructions. This can reduce the time required for repairs and improve the quality of the work.
    Virtual help manuals are placed on real objects and provide step-by-step instructions. For installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.
    Overlay animations in the real-world to simulate and simplify the process.

SupportGenie provides businesses with real-time remote visual assistance powered by computer vision AI and augmented reality (AR) to assist them in resolving issues remotely and quickly.

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