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Sprinto is a full-stack security compliance automation software that helps fast-growing cloud companies stay SOC 2 / ISO 27001/ GDPR / HIPAA / PCI-DSS compliant ( and also 15+ different common frameworks ) via 24-7 security control monitoring across all their SaaS services. The platform is engineered to monitor security risks and control measures via automated checks, freeing engineering teams to focus on building the product and helping leadership focus on growing the business.

Headquartered in India with offices in San Francisco, California. Sprinto serves 300+ customers across 25 countries across geographies.

  • 24/7 Entity-level monitoring: Seamlessly connects and continuously monitors your devices, servers, code repositories, employees, contractors, and other integrations to help you stay compliant throughout.
  • Contactless Audits: Auditor-friendly console for contactless audits and faster certifications.
  • 18-hr Coverage Support: A team of seasoned compliance experts available across all time zones.
  • Compliance Experts with Big 4 Expertise: Security experts from 80+ audit firms ranging from the Big 4 to small boutique firms.

Ours is a platform that works with any cloud setup and helps monitor entity-level risks and controls from a single dashboard.
By raising the bar on security, Sprinto ensures compliance, healthy operational practices, and the ability to grow and scale with unwavering confidence.
After all, demonstrating a commitment to good security practices is one of the highest leverage things any cloud company can do to prove that they are built for big things.

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