SPIN Safe Browser

Operating System: iOS and iPadOS

  • Web Browser

SPIN Safe Browser + AppConfig is a fully featured, fast web browser that fully supports customizations via AppConfig.

For Schools and Businesses
Protect students and employees by reducing the risk of accessing inappropriate online content, lightening the workload, and minimizing online issues. Enterprise advantages that use AppConfig-compatible mobile device management solutions:

  • Edit Content Filters
  • Setlist of blocked websites
  • Setlist of allowed websites
  • Deploy Bookmarks
  • Set and enforce the Homepage website
  • Set and enforce New Tab behaviour
  • Easy licensing with Apple School Manager or Business Manager
  • Perfect in supporting students studying remotely and securing remote workforces
  • Real-time web content categorization: Classifying millions of websites daily into more than 40 key content categories, including sexual content, extremism, weapons and substance abuse.
  • Network agnostic-off-network browser filtering Our web browser continues to protect students and enforce content filters anywhere their iPads or other iOS devices travel. Supports distance learning from home and still has the school’s recommended settings for safe web browsing for educational purposes.
  • Automatic block screen:The user is presented with a blocked screen inside the browser. If the website is good but our robots thought it was bad, the IT team can contact us to unblock it.
  • Zero configuration required: SPIN Safe Browser automatically blocks adult content, unsafe search engines, file sharing / peer-to-peer sites, VPN/Proxy sites and those prone to bad content, domains that are normally good but contain sexual or inappropriate content. Additional categories can be customized via your school’s IT department