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Seuic Technology Co., Ltd is a Chinese manufacturer focusing on rugged mobile terminals and optical recognition solutions such as barcode scanners and UHF RFID products. With Hexnode’s App Configurations policy, you can configure various device settings within the Seuic OEMConfig app and apply them to your Seuic scanner devices. The Seuic OEMConfig app displays a range of configurable device settings and functionalities and allows you to deploy these settings onto your Seuic devices. The Seuic OEMConfig settings library is evolving with time, and currently, it includes settings for scanner features, device display, sound, security, storage and network, amongst others.

  • Set barcode scanner options: Allows you to set up your Seiuc scanner with the desired functionality and behavior.
  • Configure device settings: Remotely configure display and sound settings, power saving options, and other miscellaneous settings.
  • Manage security and storage: Set security conditions and manage remote access to the storage manager.
  • Manage application settings: Limit application permissions and enable developer options on the device.
  • Set up network configurations: Configure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networking options and behaviors.

SEUIC Technologies Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of industrial mobile computers and RFID readers. Founded in 2002, Seuic specializes in Barcode, RFID and visual identification technologies. Their rugged IoT terminals provide robust support for complex digital applications and big data analytics. More than 200 models of their various products and intelligent capture solutions have been implemented by 100,000+ clients globally across the logistics, retail, manufacturing, healthcare and public service industries.

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SEUIC Technologies Co., Ltd. 15 Xinghuo Road, Jiangbei New Area, Jiangsu, China 210032


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