Pradeo Mobile Threat Defense

Operating System: Android, iOS and iPadOS, macOS, Windows

  • App Configuration
  • Endpoint Protection

Organizations’ mobile devices are direct points of entry to their information system. To avoid data loss and theft from mobile devices, Pradeo’s Mobile Threat Defense solution secures the smartphones and tablets that your company and its employees use.

  • Ready-to-use security mobile application
  • Easy deployment through UEMs
  • Automatic threat remediation in real-time
  • Professional and personal data protection
  • Protection across configurations (Android Enterprise, iOS, COPE…)

Pradeo Security offers complete protection against malware, intrusive applications, phishing, unsecured connections and all other exploits of applications, network and OS that can lead to data theft, bank fraud, extortion…

With the help of Hexnode, IT admins will effortlessly be able to deploy the Pradeo security agent app and configure it.

  • 360° Mobile threat detection: Detection of application, network and OS-borne threats such as malware, spyware, intrusive applications, phishing…
  • Automated threat response: Once you define your security policy, threat responses are carried out automatically on mobile devices: malware blocking, user notification…
  • Data collection through cyber threat intelligence platform: Extracts valuable data from mobile security events, while being in line with the data privacy regulation. The development of SIEM connectors and multiple integrations optimizes the collection of event data.
  • Android Enterprise multiprofile: Pradeo protects both personal and professional containers while preserving users’ privacy.

Pradeo is an emerging leader in mobile threat defense and deals with the protection of endpoints and applications. It has expertise in Endpoint Detection and Response, AI-based behavioral analysis, Mobile application security suite, and Data Protection Laws. Pradeo’s marquee product ‘Pradeo Security Technology’ is recognized by Gartner, IDC as well as Frost & Sullivan, as the most accurate in the market. Prevention of data leakage and reinforcement of compliance with privacy laws are provided by Pradeo’s reliable detection of mobile threats.


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