LG GATE Technology Integration

Operating System: Android

  • Security

LG Guarded Access To Enterprise (GATE) offers an enterprise mobile solution with immense capabilities to suit business needs. LG GATE devices deliver enterprise-grade security by creating a secure workplace environment for business frameworks. The advanced security features in these devices secure corporate data from possible data breaches and malicious attacks.

Hexnode’s collaboration with LG GATE makes Enterprise Mobility Management much more secure. It enforces device protection with hardware-accelerated encryption and integrity check on the device on every boot. Integration with LG GATE allows Hexnode to unleash a higher order of security beyond generic mobile management solutions. LG GATE APIs facilitate fluid UEM integration with Hexnode, incorporating all the advanced management functions of LG GATE. This integration allows organizations to have total control over every aspect of device management and exploit the EMM capabilities to the maximum.

  • Comprehensive enterprise solution: LG GATE offers robust security features to manage the devices remotely from granular device control to data protection.
  • Unparalleled platform security: An accelerated encryption using enhanced encryption keys extends integrity over software components.
  • Network security: A secure Virtual Private Network connection is maintained throughout the mobile workforce to protect the data in transit from a security breach.
  • Application security: The integrity of applications on the LG GATE devices is continuously monitored to verify the device compliance.