iboss Cloud Connector

Operating System: Android, iOS and iPadOS, macOS, Windows

  • Security
  • VPN
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iboss cloud connector provides a robust, flexible and scalable cloud security solution to defend organizations against all mobile threat vectors. Users are provided with secured, compliant and uninterrupted Internet access regardless of their geographic location. iboss cloud connector secures iOS devices with the same security level as a secure on-premise web gateway. Integrity with Apple’s network architecture allows a lightweight, fast and wider network environment that is compliant. It offers pre-designed formats or a manual descent to the details with versatile and granular filtering controls to enhance user reporting and monitoring tasks. Hexnode’s integration with iboss cloud connector helps administrators remotely manage the VPN network on their devices via the UEM console, including VPN On Demand configurations to set up an automatic VPN connection without any manual user intervention. In addition, admins can also set up a proxy server along with the VPN configurations to add an extra layer of security.

  • Integration with Apple’s networking framework: iboss’s stateless tunneling technology has been integrated with Apple’s native networking capabilities to filter internet traffic.
  • Deploy SSL decryption certificate automatically: Inspects encrypted HTTPS traffic on devices with an automatically deployed SSL decryption certificate.
  • Detailed and granular reporting with alerts for high-risk activity: Provides detailed reporting with event logs and real-time dashboards to quickly identify high-risk network activity.
  • Filter all internet traffic from the device: Restricts malware from entering the device by filtering internet traffic from all the apps.

iboss is a cloud security company that provides organizations fast and secure internet access on any device, from anywhere It was founded in 2003 and is based in Boston, Massachusetts. The iboss cloud platform provides network security, delivered in the cloud, as a complete SaaS offering. Leveraging a flexible, cloud-based node architecture, iboss protects more than 4000 organizations worldwide.

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