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HiddenApp protects Apple, Windows & Chromebook device fleets against theft & loss: enabling real-time location tracking, device monitoring, and advanced recovery tools, all actionable through a user-friendly dashboard.

HiddenApp makes businesses safer and has fine-tuned its location tracking, and device recovery solution to ensure flexible working without compromising security.

  • Advanced location tracking: Monitor your entire fleet of devices through a global map view, and track down individual devices with pinpoint accuracy. HiddenApp’s advanced location tracking shows you any device’s exact real-time location on Google Maps and stores its location history for up to 1 year.
  • Smart threat detection: Protect your fleet proactively with HiddenApp’s threat detection, a rule-based early warning system alerting you of incidents in real-time. Prevention measures include geofencing, which flags a device when it physically leaves an authorized location and IP whitelisting, alerting you when a device connects to an unauthorized Wi-Fi network.
  • Keep tabs on devices: Always know where each device is, who’s using it and what it’s up to. If a device gets stolen, take screenshots of what’s happening on-screen, capture unauthorized users on camera, and collect key log data to build a strong evidence base to retrieve the device.
  • Broadcast notifications: Send important notifications or customized messages from the dashboard to be displayed on the screen, or read aloud by devices. The messages can be sent out bulk to the entire fleet, particular groups, or just an individual device.

HiddenApp is a London headquartered software company that supplies its Windows, macOS, iOS & Chromebook security software solutions to organizations and businesses across the world. Through 10 years of development and iteration, HiddenApp has fine-tuned its location tracking and mobile device recovery features so as to be a leader in its field. Given the ever-greater emphasis on sustainability and minimizing one’s carbon footprint, the company firmly believes that retaining, not replacing, one’s device fleet should be the aim of every organization.

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