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Drata is a security and compliance automation platform that continuously monitors and collects evidence of a company’s security controls. It also helps with streamlining end-to-end compliance workflows to ensure audit readiness. With more than 60+ advanced integrations, Drata puts compliance on autopilot, allowing businesses to complete audits quickly and successfully, continuously monitor controls, and seamlessly expand their security assurance efforts as they scale. Supported frameworks include SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and custom controls.

Proving that end-user devices are secure also plays a significant role in meeting compliance requirements. Drata’s integration with Hexnode extends monitoring abilities to macOS and Windows devices. Instead of installing an agent on a device to monitor security settings, Drata can pull the data from Hexnode via an API connection, providing users with a seamless monitoring experience.

  • Separate auditor view: Drata’s automation follows you through your entire compliance journey. With the separate auditor view, auditors can only see the documentations they need to see. In addition, they can download all the necessary documents in one simple zip file, making audits a seamless experience.
  • Cross-mapped & custom controls: Enjoy cross-mapped controls across multiple frameworks to streamline your workflows and customize policies where needed. Create custom controls for your business’s specific needs without using a framework.
  • Continuous control monitoring: Our 24-hour automated control monitoring takes the manual work out of compliance. Control owners receive alert notifications when items fall out of compliance, ensuring you always know where your security posture stands any day, any time.
  • Seamless integrations: Drata’s easy-to-navigate platform includes a suite of 60+ integrations, ranging from AWS to Github to Cloudflare. Drata continually automates the evidence collection process to save time and give you peace of mind.
  • Information security policy templates: Build your security program on a solid foundation of 22+ editable, auditor-approved security policies. Formal documentation, employee acceptance, and version history is streamlined and maintained in Drata’s Policy Center.
  • Automated monitoring & evidence collection: Drata’s autopilot system connects fragmented tech stacks and complex compliance regulations, so you don’t have to figure out how to become compliant or manually check dozens of systems to submit evidence to auditors.

Drata builds the world’s most advanced security and compliance automation platform with the mission to help businesses earn and keep the trust of their users, customers, partners, and prospects. The company believes the best way to earn trust is by first proving that you deserve it. Drata is the intermediary between great companies and those that they engage with.

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