Datalogic OEMConfig

Operating System: Android

  • App Configuration
  • Security

Datalogic OEMConfig allows organizations to have complete control over their devices by enforcing vendor-specific restrictions. The wide variety of Datalogic rugged devices range from pocket-sized to full-alpha-keyboard, industrial PDAs, handheld devices, self-shopping middleware solutions, pistol-grip terminals, and vehicle-mounted computers. Integration with Hexnode helps Datalogic users manage rugged devices efficiently with the aid of Android Enterprise.

  • EASEOFCARE service program: The EASEOFCARE service program offers best-in-class product lifecycle support to ensure that the devices operate at peak performance.
  • Preventative maintenance: Preventative, scheduled maintenance assures organizations that the Datalogic devices can work under extreme operating conditions.
  • Enhanced EMM capability: Datalogic mobile devices support Enterprise Mobility Management features that can be used to manage the enterprise-based devices remotely.
  • Versatility: The diversity of mobile devices from Datalogic makes them best suited to be utilized in almost all areas of enterprise requirements.

Being a global technology leader, Datalogic has been known for its automatic data capture technology and process automation since 1972. The cutting-edge technology solutions from Datalogic increases the efficiency and quality of business processes in business verticals such as manufacturing, retail, healthcare transportation & logistics and so on. Datalogic portfolio includes mobile computers, sensors, bar code readers, RFID systems, laser marking systems, and dimensioning systems.

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