• PaRC tool: Panasonic Rapid Configuration tool enables automated MDM enrollment.
  • Hardware Diagnostics: The hardware diagnostics application facilitates easier device testing for hardware concerns. It provides tools for testing the device’s user interface inputs like tests for touch, sound, microphones, etc.
  • Enterprise Reset capability: With this functionality, businesses can reset the devices to their corporate IT standard. It completely deletes all the user data from the device, transforming it into a newly provisioned device.
  • Firmware Over the Air: Firmware Over the Air updates allows administrators to automate the updates for Panasonic Enterprise devices. It eliminates the need for the user to manage the updates themselves.


Aimed at providing a ‘Better Life’ to its customers, Panasonic group has been in its venture of developing innovative products and services. Through technologies that use cloud and AI systems, they design both domestic and business products. Ever since its establishment over a century ago, Panasonic corporation continues to deliver top quality devices and aims at helping the customers with their necessities for both personal and commercial use. Apart from home appliances and infrastructure, Panasonic has also succeeded in designing affordable and powerful smartphones.

Panasonic offers various ways of deploying its Android devices to be used in business environments. Hexnode’s integration with Panasonic enables organizations to manage the devices efficiently. The OEMConfig app from Panasonic – TOUGHBOOK OEMConfig allows organizations that utilize Android Enterprise to configure device settings on hundreds of devices. This facilitates quick and easy device provisioning. Additionally, the Panasonic Rapid Configuration tool automates MDM enrollment using a QR code. Collaborating with Panasonic, Hexnode makes the Panasonic devices easily deployable to corporates and offers solutions to overcome the business challenges. 
set up app configurations for panasonic devices from the MDM console