Reply To: How to migrate from device admin to android enterprise?


You must be using the generic android enrollment method. It shows a note while setting the device password policy for Android.

Password note Hexnode

Any particular reason you are still using this enrollment method? I mean the generic android enrollment; android enterprise is the recommended mode for business environment. What you get with Hexnode’s generic android enrollment is the device admin method of device management. Here the app is the device admin and it needs special permission to administer device (you’ll see, have to enable a ton of permissions for the app on enrollment). Android enterprise provide enhanced privacy, security and management capabilities with its work container. Hexnode will only administer the work profile in this case and no device admin permission required. Great stuff for BYOD or even COPE devices.
After Google released Android Q(that would be android 10), I have read many of the Device Admin APIs were discontinued. The password problem you mentioned must be related to this. (Found official reference – )

Tldr; Check the notes before you configure a policy, there are lots of important informations there 😉