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What is Zero Trust Edge?

Zero trust is used by a Zero Trust Edge (ZTE) solution to authenticate, cleanse, and track network connections over cloud security and network service frameworks. Zero Trust Edge (ZTE) networks are available from nearly anywhere, spanning the internet and employing Zero Trust Network access (ZTNA) to verify people and devices as they join.

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The initial step to deploy the ZTE security stack involves using ZTNA to safeguard the mobile worker communications (which is a critical component of Zero Trust Edge). Businesses are continually looking for new ways to engage with their consumers, such as online and mobile applications. Individuals and devices must connect to company resources to execute tasks and conduct business operations. So, security professionals are increasingly implementing Zero Trust networking technologies to safely enable their remote workforce.

ZTE eliminates risk by authenticating every connection and activity. ZTE networks are naturally scalable because they are frequently deployed as an automated, cloud-based service. This drives down latency and improves the user experience. When completely implemented, enterprises may centrally manage, monitor, and evaluate the set of security and networking services contained inside ZTE solutions, whether cloud-based or housed in a remote location.