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What is the importance of Find My Phone?

It’s pretty common to forget where you last put your phone. Trust me, it’s the worst, and we’ve all gone through that. Amid the panic, we might have asked ourselves, ‘How will I be able to find my phone?’ The good news is that there are technologies available today to assist you to easily locate your phone throughout your home, as well as determine its exact location even if it has been picked up by someone else.

We’re talking about the feature, “Find My Phone”

As the name suggests, Find My Phone’s most important trait is that one can track the location of any smartphone you own. It doesn’t matter if you have an Android phone, tablet, iPhone or a BlackBerry phone, if the device GPS and location services are on and the device has an active Gmail account, then you’ll be able to find your device.

Additionally, Find My Phone conveniently allows you to remotely lock and erase the data of a lost or stolen phone. You can also view how much battery life is left on your phone and which Wi-Fi network it is linked to. Apple devices, on the other hand, are equipped with an ‘Activation lock’ that prevents any unauthorized individuals from reactivating your device without your permission.

Why Find My Phone is important?

Find My Phone is important because:

  1. The majority of businesses have switched to the BYOD working style. If you’re an employee, then losing your personal device can jeopardise your entire organisation.
  2. Today, we keep all our important info like bank account details, credit card information and many more on our hand-held devices. Losing them could be an absolute nightmare.
  3. Lost or stolen devices increase the chances of loss of privacy. Most people keep their devices without proper locks, and such devices are highly vulnerable to privacy attacks.
  4. Smartphones are quite expensive.

We know how important your personal and enterprise devices are. That’s why we have integrated all the features of Find My Phone into our platform. With Hexnode, you can put your phone into Lost Mode, remotely ring a lost device, track the location, if required, remotely perform data wipe and much more. For Apple devices, you can push and bypass Activation lock/FRP. Apart from these, several advanced restrictions are also available to prevent any person from powering off the device, from switching off the mobile network, Wi-Fi and many more.