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Can we assign custom technician roles in Hexnode?

Simply put, the answer is yes! You can now configure and assign custom roles for technicians in Hexnode. Flexibility, although not a key priority, is very much appreciated. However, offering flexibility may be risky when it comes to security. So, keeping the luxury of flexibility and the criticality of security in mind, Hexnode brings you the feature of custom technician roles.

The need for custom technician roles in Hexnode

Different organizations have different methods, tactics and strategies to manage and establish the access control workflow. Only some people need to know or have access to everything. The others work on a need-to-know basis, thus justifying the need for customizable technician roles along with the existing pre-defined technician roles such as:

  • Super admin: first technician in the portal with complete control over the portal
  • Admin: has full privileges and can access all functionalities across the portal
  • Apps and Reports manager: can access all features related to the apps and reports tab and view the dashboard
  • Reports manager: handles reports and the dashboard

Each organization has different groups of people who need access to different combinations of features across the portal. These combinations might be unique to each organization, so these can’t be pre-defined. Custom roles help you manage the access rights of different technicians within the Hexnode UEM portal. A more granular level of control of who accesses what, is what custom technician roles in Hexnode efficiently deliver.

How to customize roles for technicians in Hexnode?

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind while customizing roles for technicians in Hexnode:

  • Determine the permissions you need (functionalities that can be viewed or modified)
  • Create the required number of roles
  • Assign each technician a role
  • Identify the target endpoints for each technician and define the scope

Admins can later redefine the scope defined for a technician while assigning a role. So, what’s the main difference between the pre-defined and custom roles? For starters, pre-defined roles will have full scope across the portal. Only the super admin or admins can create custom roles and define the technician scope.