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Why is Mobile Device Security important

The number of smartphone users today in 2022 is estimated to be 6.6 billion. Yes, 6.6 BILLION! Now if you try to count the number of interactions, and payments that happen every second, it’s a mammoth number. That’s lot of information exchange, and it’s important to protect this data from malicious sites and apps.  

Ensure mobile device security with Hexnode

One in 25 (4%) apps leak sensitive credentials. Well it’s not a lot, but if you consider the fact that an average person has 40 apps installed on their device, chances are you already have a malicious app shipping out your personal information. 

A common way users protect their mobile phones is by installing trusted anti-virus software.  

With the rise in the usage of BYOD devices, it is important for organizations to have a security policy and evaluate their mobile security. There was a 97% increase in personal use of managed devices last year. 

Mobile devices help in growing businesses and make a lot of previously desktop-focused jobs a lot easier and remote. So, having the best tools to keep the data within a company phone secure ensures success. One such important tool is UEM.  

A capable UEM like Hexnode can 

  • Help you deploy a secure BYOD policy. 
  • Monitor and get reports on mobile devices. 
  • Manage and apply policies on the devices. 
  • Configure different network security tools like VPN and APN.