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What are the different technician roles in Hexnode?

Technician roles, in general, help organizations efficiently manage the users who administer the devices through a portal like Hexnode. A total of four different types of technician roles with capabilities and functionalities distributed across the UEM portal is what Hexnode offers.

All the administrators tasked with overseeing endpoint security can be assigned any of the three pre-defined technician roles or roles that can be customized as per need and convenience to manage and secure endpoints across the organization.

Pre-defined technician roles in Hexnode:

The three pre-defined roles available by default are:

  • Admins:

    The ‘ Admin ‘ role is for the technicians with full privileges. Consequently, they can access all functionalities offered by the portal. The first admin to sign in to the portal is the ‘Super Admin.’

  • Apps and Reports Manager:

    The ‘ Apps and Reports Manager ‘ role is for the technicians who only need access to the apps and reports tab. They can use the functionalities under the Apps and Reports tabs. Additionally, they can view the dashboard.

  • Reports Manager:

    The ‘ Reports Manager ‘ role is for the technicians who only need access to the dashboard. They work with the features under the reports tab.

Custom technician roles:

Apart from these pre-defined roles, Hexnode also offers the option to customize the roles for technicians. Owing to the difference in strategies and methods employed by organizations to establish and manage access control workflow, experts at Hexnode have understood the importance of flexibility. As a result, Hexnode has now released the custom technician roles feature that lets you customize the roles for your technicians as per your need and convenience.

You must either deactivate or delete any existing technicians or upgrade your pricing plan. Upgrading your pricing plan can add new technicians if the number of active technicians exceeds the maximum number permitted by each plan. Hexnode provides for easy and secure editing, deactivation and deletion of technicians. The number of technicians that can be assigned for each role type depends on your chosen pricing plan.

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