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How to block calls on work devices?

It’s a long day and you know there are a lot of tasks for you to finish, but you see your phone ring, IT’S YOUR BESTFRIEND. Well, a short ‘hi’ wouldn’t hurt, right? The short call ends up eating an hour of your time. It’s surely bad for you, but it’s worse for your company. Productivity at work has taken a drastic hit since the age of smartphones in general. 

Using a trusted UEM can help you block calls in work devices and boost productivity. There are privacy concerns wherein for example when an employee works in a secure location involving sensitive information, corporates tend to block out calls of the employees. 

By using a UEM like Hexnode, you can go a step further and tie this policy up with Geofencing, so when the employee is in the particular geolocation, his/her calls are restricted and they are reactivated when he/she leaves the secure area. 

You also have control over the kind of call you are blocking, sometimes you might need the employees to have access to incoming calls and in other cases, outgoing calls are more desirable, but whatever the case Hexnode has you covered.