Sony ProBRAVIA Commercial Displays

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Sony’s ProBRAVIA line of commercial displays can now be managed by Hexnode! The new alliance between Hexnode and Sony marks a significant leap in device management capabilities, with the TVs now able to be enrolled in the Device Owner mode. This feature grants the IT administrators with unparalleled access and control towards device settings, configurations and app management. 
Hexnode’s management capabilities for Sony ProBRAVIA Android TV OS enables centralizsed management of multiple enterprise commercial displays, Over-the-air application deployments, remote troubleshooting and security enhancements. This alliance promises a streamlined experience with empowering businesses and institutions with management and of ProBRAVIA displays within their network, resulting in an uptick in productivity and control. 

  • Includes Device Owner support and silent app installation: The partnership with Hexnode comes with access to Device Owner enrolment for all Sony ProBRAVIA devices. Hexnode UEM also helps manage the lifecycle of apps without any hassles. ProBRAVIA displays now support the distribution and removal of both store and enterprise apps.
  • Ability to transform Sony ProBRAVIA displays into digital Kiosks: You can effortlessly transform ProBRAVIA displays into digital signage using Hexnode UEM. You can configure several options when setting up your device as a digital signage; you can add custom background music to your audio/video files, trim videos, play media files in a loop and much more!
  • Lockdown Sony ProBRAVIA commercial displays to single or multiple apps: Locking down devices in kiosk mode limits the device functionality only for dedicated purposes. Using Hexnode UEM, administrators can lock down ProBRAVIA displays in either single-app kiosk mode or multi-app kiosk mode. As the name implies, single-app kiosk mode restricts ProBRAVIA displays to running only a single application. On the other hand, multi-app kiosk mode locks down the device to run more than one application.
  • Monitor Sony ProBRAVIA devices with Dashboard and Reports: The Dashboard provides a quick overview of all your managed devices and their activities. It includes the real-time status of devices, compliance breakdown, comprehensive activity feed, and so on. In addition, you can make use of the Reports tab to fetch a wide range of reports to monitor and analyze all your devices. You can also schedule reports to obtain periodic information about various device events at specific intervals. The available reports include Device Reports, User Reports, Compliance Reports, Location Reports, Data Management Reports, Application Reports, and Audit Reports.

Sony Corporation is a multinational conglomerate that stands as a pioneer in an assortment of businesses – spanning electronics, entertainment, gaming, and financial services. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, the group is renowned globally for its innovative contributions in the space of consumer electronics, producing critically acclaimed products such as the Walkman, PlayStation gaming consoles, Bravia TVs, and an array of audio-visual devices. Aside from the hardware elements, Sony’s contributions extend towards industries such as music and movies, while also producing gaming content through their PlayStation Studios. With a rich history of groundbreaking technology and entertainment offerings, Sony continues to redefine and shape various industries through its cutting-edge innovations.  

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