Sonim XP8

Operating System: Android

  • Communication
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Sonim XP8(1)
Sonim XP8(2)

Mission-critical situations require smart communication, data collection/sharing, and connectivity more than ever before. And in extreme conditions, no ordinary smartphone will do. Built to the toughest standards in the industry the Sonim XP8 is waterproof, drop-proof, and chemical resistant making it the most reliable smartphone you can carry. 

  • Screen size
    • 5-inch
  • RAM size
    • 4.0GB
  • Storage size
    • 64GB, 128GB external
  • AER validated OS version
    • Android 10
  • Zero-touch support
    • Yes
  • Fingerprint support
    • Yes
  • NFC support
    • Yes
  • Telephony Support
    • Yes, 4G device including support for AT&T FirstNet
  • Front camera
    • 8MP without Flash
  • Rear camera
    • 12MP PDAF Rear Camera with Flash
  • Battery capacity
    • 4,900 mAh removable battery
  • Speed up to
    • 2.2GHz
  • Security updates until
    • Dec 2022
  • Security update frequency
    • Quarterly
  • Physical buttons
    • Push-to-talk, SOS, Application, Vol Up, Vol Down, Power, Back, Home, Recent Apps
    Sonim Rugged Performance Standards:

  • Glove-Friendly Display: Keys can be used with heavy work gloves
  • Extra-Loud Audio: 100dB+ speaker performance and noise cancellation
  • Protection From Micro Particles: Rated IP-6x completely dust proof
  • Waterproof: Rated IP-X8 for complete submergibility in water, up to 6.5 ft for 30 minutes, and IP-X9 for resistance to high-temperature pressure wash
  • Drop/Impact Resistant: Resistant to 6.5 ft drops onto concrete from any angle
  • Resistant To Shocks/Vibrations: Withstands sudden shocks of up to 30G and vibrations from 5Hz to 500Hz
  • Operational In Extreme Temperatures: Fully operational in temperatures from -4° F to 131° F
  • Pressure Resistant: Withstands up to a ton of metric pressure
  • Puncture Resistant: Hardened rubber molded housing can withstand up to 4J of impact energy
  • Resistant To Oil And Chemicals: Resistant to petroleum oils and the corrosive nature of cleaning solvents
  • 3 Year Warranty: covering even accidental damage

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Sonim Technologies is the leading manufacturer of mission-critical smartphone-based solutions designed specifically for workers in extreme, hazardous, and isolated environments in the US. Sonim technologies provide crucial communication and connectivity tools for private and public agencies, including end customers working in hazardous environments. The Sonim solution includes ultra-rugged mobile phones, business-process applications, and a suite of industrial-grade accessories, collectively designed to increase worker productivity, accountability, and safety on the job site. In addition, each Sonim rugged phone fulfills Sonim's Rugged Performance Standards (RPS), which are a set of 12 endurance and durability benchmarks that ensure it can withstand the most extreme situations.

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