HexCon22 Closing keynote : CEO wraps it up

Wayne Thompson

Sep 22, 2022

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Can you believe it? HexCon 2022 is over!!! No right? Even we cannot. It was a series of jam-packed informative sessions that passed in the blink of an eye.

We heard from some of the best thought leaders of today about how you can make your life easier. The change we have seen in the last 3 years in terms of digitalization is monumental

said Apu Pavithran. Months of preparation finally came to action. HexCon 2022 saw over 70+ distinguished speakers share their views and experience during the event. With more than 50 hours of video sessions, Hexcon22 was a success indeed.

The cybersecurity landscape

The threat landscape in cyberspace has always been unpredictable. Apu said, “The sheer number of cyber-attacks including, but not limited to, phishing, DDoS, SQL injections, and even Zoom bombings are a testament to how this is the time that we shift a good portion of our time and efforts to securing our systems.” While Rick Holland, CISO & Vice President of Strategy at Digital Shadows talks about how ‘Cybercrime finds a way,’ some of the other speakers talked about various components of cybersecurity, covering a wide range of aspects.

HexCon22 was the most suitable platform to raise awareness about the existing threats and the importance of ensuring cyber protection. The purpose of HexCon is to help us all unify in the face of atrocities and share information of the right kind to help each other.

What’s New?

We saw our COO Bijo Paulose John introducing the new features for iOS, Android and desktop users. He talked about providing support to Andriod TVs as well.

CTO Sahad M talked about the new updates that we will be able to find in the Hexnode portal and introduced Hexnode’s very own suite of enterprise applications – email, calendar and contacts applications.

Not to forget the pre- and post-install script for Mac, the xAPK file support for Android and enabling or disabling SSO.

Apu then did the honors of announcing the release of our new SaaS Ops management platform, Hexnode Do, that would further enhance the security of SaaS management businesses.

With HexCon 2022, team Hexnode once again tries to reach out to every small, medium and large-scale business to help them ensure complete security from a wide range of cyberattacks and data loss. Team Hexnode believes that security from threats and malware is a basic need for any business and would form the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid.

Bidding Adieu

At this moment I feel grateful that we could play our part in creating this opportunity with HexCon

CEO Apu Pavithran said while thanking every speaker who took time out of their busy schedule. Apu further urged every member who was a part of this year’s HexCon to continue the conversations that started today on Linkedin or Twitter.


Before closing the event, Apu said, “I keep looking forward to next year. I am very excited to find out how we can make HexCon even better.”

With that, we call the curtains for this year’s HexCon. Once again, we thank each and every participant across the globe for their constant support in making this event happen.

In case you missed any session, you can go through our day-to-day highlights.

Good night, see y’all at HexCon23.
Till then, stay safe, stay healthy and not to forget, stay cyber-secured.

Wayne Thompson

Product Evangelist @ Hexnode. Busy doing what looks like fun to me and work to others.

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