Hexnode Partner Summit 2023 – As it happened

Brendon Baxter

Apr 20, 2023

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The curtains have fallen on the Hexnode Partner Summit 2023, leaving behind a trail of knowledge, inspiration, and new connections. A huge thank you to our brilliant speakers and attendees for making it an unforgettable experience. Looking forward to seeing you again in the next edition!

2:45 pm EDT 04/20/2023 – Keynote

Session: Closing Keynote
That’s a wrap, folks! And with Apu Pavithran’s closing remarks, Hexnode Partner Summit 2023 came to a close. Thank you all for tuning in this year. Hope to see you next year too.

2:10 pm EDT 04/20/2023

Session: Defense in depth
Namrata Kulkarni showed why and how defenses should be put up at each layer of your organization. She also talked about how to deal with modern attack vectors.

2:00 pm EDT 04/20/2023

Session: Win that Sales pitch
Every sales pitch is a golden opportunity. Trevor Lee presented the 7P’s model, which can help you master the art of pitching and increase your sales success rate.

1:40 pm EDT 04/20/2023

Session: Growing your business through customer conversations
Michael Ashford touched upon on how to build a demand generation strategy based on the insights gathered from talking to customers daily. He explained why regular conversations with customers and gathering insights is one of the most unused weapons in a marketer’s arsenal.

1:20 pm EDT 04/20/2023

Session: SEO for Revenue: Grow your business, not just your rankings
A successful SEO strategy drives revenue growth for a business, not just higher rankings on search engines. Dale Bertrand unveiled his framework for developing SEO content with conversion in mind every step of the way. He also delved deep into various facets of content marketing, including keyword strategy, content development, and publication.

12:50 pm EDT 04/20/2023

Session: Less stress video marketing: Simple systems to incorporate video into your marketing & social media strategy
Video marketing is the new marketing mantra. Valerie Morris shared some simple and effective tactics and strategies for creating a video strategy that works and explained how to incorporate videos on social media with the latest trends without feeling overwhelmed.

12:40 pm EDT 04/20/2023

Session: Outcome-based selling: Why it’s important to sell an outcome, not your product
John Smibert provided insights on why many enterprises might not have predicted sales productivity even though the sales activity might be off the roof. He explained various strategies to increase business while minimizing selling costs.

12:10 pm EDT 04/20/2023

Session: How to get FREE publicity on TV, Radio, The Press and Online!
Traditional marketing campaigns can only take you so far in today’s digital world. If you want to build credibility and reach a wider audience, you need to tap into the power of the media. Rachael Taplin explained how to leverage TV, radio, the press, and online media to score valuable publicity without breaking the bank.

12:05 pm EDT 04/20/2023

Session: Leading Sales success through Adversity
Jade Jemma presented a session on leading success through adversity. She went on in-depth to explain the most common errors managers and leaders make during times of uncertainty.

11:40 am EDT 04/20/2023

Session: Endpoint Security: The last line of defense against cyber threats.
Dale Meredith shared real-world case studies that demonstrate how proper UEM and MDM solutions could’ve prevented security breaches that happened in recent years.

11:40 am EDT 04/20/2023

Session: Skill your team with Hexnode Academy
Aneeta Thomson, technical content developer at Hexnode, described in detail about Hexnode Academy. She also explained how Hexnode Certification helps users equip themselves with the knowledge to manage endpoints using Hexnode UEM.

11:15 am EDT 04/20/2023

Session: Trustworthy Data: How to leverage Hexnode to satisfy ISO/IEC 19770 compliance
Jeremy Boerger talked about how modernizing IT Asset Management can drive significant cost savings in an organization and how you can leverage Hexnode to meet the ISO/IEC compliance requirements with ease.

11:10 am EDT 04/20/2023

Session: Aligning customer facing teams and service partners
James Urie talked about his approach to integrating customer-facing teams with service partners. He explained in detail how this approach will ensure success and customer satisfaction.

11:00 am EDT 04/20/2023

Session: The Digital Workplace: The future of UEM and journey towards DEX
Sarika Abraham, Media and Public Relations Manager at Hexnode, explained how Unified Endpoint Management platforms are helping remote employees with a richer digital experience (DEX), stronger security and better automation opportunities now that remote work is advancing more than ever.

10:45 am EDT 04/20/2023

Session: PRM Portal update for Hexnode Partners
Akhil Reddy, Brand strategist at Hexnode explained how PRM helps organizations and partners by simplifying the process of managing leads, revenues, opportunities, sales data and much more. He also highlighted the latest updates on the PRM portal.

10:40 am EDT 04/20/2023

Session: Channel Marketing “To” and “With” partners that makes an impact
Partners get an overwhelming amount of information from various companies regarding their solutions. Heather K Margolis explained how to stand out and become the preferred choice for these partners in their go-to-market strategy.

10:10 am EDT 04/20/2023

Session: Effective Cyber Communications: Get noticed, Get remembered, Get results.
Joel Benge explained the importance of communication and how proper cyber communication could help your sales and marketing to get noticed, get remembered, grow and show results.

10:10 am EDT 04/20/2023

Session: Partnerships: No company can do it alone in the decade of the ecosystem
Jay McBain discussed the future trends in the tech market. He also shared his valuable insights on how building successful alliances can help propel businesses forward.

10:00 am EDT 04/20/2023 – Opening Keynote

Session: Together We Can
Apu Pavithran, Founder & CEO of Hexnode and Rachana Vijayan, CMO & Director of Sales officially raised the curtains for Hexnode Partner Summit 2023 by addressing the crowd and shared the nitty-gritty details of being in the Endpoint Security industry for around a decade. They also elaborated on the underlying secret of Hexnode’s success over the years.


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