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HexCon21 closing keynote – Key takeaways

Eugene Raynor

Sep 23, 2021

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And that’s a wrap! With the closing keynote from our CEO Apu Pavithran, Hexnode’s global user conference HexCon21 has officially arrived at its conclusion. We can’t thank you enough for joining us this year.

Despite being a virtual event, all 3000+ registrants, including our speakers, partners, customers, employees, and, all our knowledge-hungry attendees, have helped bring life into our ever-growing community, and made HexCon21 the largest event yet!

While HexCon20 – our first-ever user conference – hosted 20 speakers from around the world, this year we hosted a staggering 100+ speakers, across a total of three days, and three different tracks. Amounting to over 80+ hours of original content.

As we close the curtains on this year’s extraordinary event, let’s take a quick recap of all that’s happened so far.

HexCon21 has had something to offer for everyone’s tastes. Be it fresh insights and inspiring sessions from the industry’s top leaders, new feature releases from Hexnode’s expanding invertory, or Hexnode’s extensive product training sessions. The past 3 days were quite amazing, and we’re as sad as you are, to see it come to an end.

But before we go, here are the key takeaways from this year’s closing keynote by our CEO, Apu Pavithran.

Why HexCon? – The idea that started it all


When we first proposed the idea of HexCon, we intended it to be an event for the Hexnode community to catch up on what’s new with Hexnode, and stay up to date with all our releases. And trust me, those were quite a lot.

At the end of the day, if you missed all our webinars, newsletters, blogs, articles and emails from the previous year, you could attend HexCon, and you’d be all caught up – Says Apu Pavithran.

However, we soon realized that this event could be so much more.

“Our customers did not just want to know what has been going on with the product or in the device management space, but the vast world of device security.”

With so much going on in the world of cybersecurity, it was crucial to provide people with proper awareness about the multitude of threats and vulnerabilities prowling inside the cyber domain. With HexCon, attendees could discover and share their knowledge and insights and educate themselves on the tools and best practices to keep their devices, networks, and themselves, connected and secured.

What’s more, when the pandemic hit, we realized that there was a dire need for people to have access to the right information to stay safe and keep functioning online. Remote work, online education and healthcare management have become necessities for many businesses, and keeping yourself safe in a remote environment brings about many challenges and unknown factors.

Well, who better to educate us than the best minds in the industry, all across the world, conveniently gathered in one single location – Your own screen!

This is the vision that HexCon seeks to fulfil.

“We realized that HexCon could help our customers and businesses worldwide learn and adopt modern technologies and strategies”

With more iterations to follow in the coming years, we envision that HexCon will grow to be the hub for cyber security, and the source of knowledge for years to come, pandemic or otherwise.

HexCon22 – Preparing for the future ahead

With every ending, there comes the assurance of a new beginning. And HexCon is no different. That’s right, HexCon is an annual event for attendees to connect with industry leaders from all around the world, and rest assured, we’ll be back next year in full force, with more speakers, more feature releases, and – you got it, even more content.

“While I am absolutely thrilled that everything came together so well, I catch myself looking forward to HexCon22 and the wonders it will bring.”

Says Apu Pavithran, before he went on to congratulate the team behind HexCon21 for their commitment on making the event a grand success.


Well, that’s it for this year. HexCon21 is winding up. But fret not. As promised, we will be back in 2022 to present you with an even bigger entourage of speakers, new releases, training and awareness sessions, and more.

Until then, stay tuned and be safe. (in the real world, and online!)

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