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What are some BYOD security best practices?

Bring your own devices (BYOD) is taking the tech industry by storm, it saves money for the corporate, saves the hassle for the employees, and is an overall good fit with many positives. 

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The pain point with the BYOD concept is the problem with security. This is an expected factor when personal devices are used for corporate needs. 

Some ways in which you can secure your devices are 

  • Set a secure password policy for your device. Make sure your device adheres to the strict password policy that is set by the corporate. 
  • Make sure your employees are clear about the corporate policy regarding the dos and don’ts on their devices 
  • Promote containerization of files, dividing them into different secure folders, separating work from personal data 
  • Ensure the employee only connects to a verified and secure Wi-Fi connection 
  • Make sure you monitor every device in real-time. This helps you in knowing if a device falls out of the network or does not adhere to the policies set in place 

A UEM like Hexnode is a one-stop solution for all your BYOD needs. Hexnode offers support to all major OS. It offers password policies, real-time monitoring and containerizes all your work and personal files separately.