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How UEMs help develop a winning digital transformation strategy

The world is rapidly marching towards a complete digital transformation. A 2019 study by The World Bank indicates that 56.7% of the world population is now online, and a post COVID statistic would only be exponentially higher. As the shift is embraced by the population, this also gives rise to malicious hackers to get their piece of the pie. 

This uprise in the number of cyber-attacks, calls for internet users to be more alert than ever. Securing your devices with healthy online practices is more important than ever. 

Unified Endpoint Management helps you in streamlining all the security requirements and lets you remotely manage all the devices in bulk. A UEM like Hexnode goes a long way in securing all the devices in the corporate setup.  

Features like remote monitoring, policy compliance, and restrictions are just some of the plethora of features that Hexnode offers.
Support to all the mainstream OS is a given in Hexnode and the ability to apply policies cohesively across all of them makes the job easier for IT admins. 

The shift from an offline to a digital-only setup can be challenging, but UEM’s like Hexnode make the job a lot easier.