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How do I enable single app mode on my iPad?

Single App Mode is a feature on iOS devices, where they are locked down to a single application. We can also disable various capabilities of the device such as touch screen, zoom, side buttons and so on. Single App Mode can only be enabled on supervised devices that are enrolled in a UEM.  

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The app to be launched should be installed and on the device, and there should be an available internet connection. For unmanaged devices, you can enable the single app kiosk mode manually by using Apple Configurator 2.  

Apple Configurator  

  • Connect the iOS device to the Mac with an USB cable  
  • Open Apple Configurator 2  
  • Select your device from the list of devices  
  • Choose Actions -> Advanced -> Start Single App Mode  
  • Click on the app you wish to launch from the list of installed apps  
  • Select Options and decide on the features you wish to be enabled  

Hexnode UEM 

  • Login to your Hexnode portal 
  • Head to Policies -> Kiosk Lockdown – iOS Kiosk Lockdown 
  • Create an iOS Single App Kiosk Policy  
  • Configure the iOS functionalities you wish to enable or disable  
  • Apply it on your iOS device