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What is a kiosk launcher?

The kiosk launcher helps IT admins configure the auto-launch settings for a specific kiosk app. It automatically launches the kiosk app when the device enters the kiosk mode or when the device is idle on the home screen. The kiosk launcher can be used in a single-app or multi-app kiosk mode.

Simplify kiosk management with Hexnode

In single app kiosk mode, the specified app will launch automatically and by default, the user can’t go back to the home screen. Using the kiosk launcher with the single app mode allows admins to create a kiosk home screen with a single app. This allows users to return to the kiosk’s home page if they require.

Moreover, in the cases where kiosk exit passcode is configured, the provision to jump to the kiosk home screen in both the single app and multi-app mode, simplifies kiosk exit. Customers may exit the lockdown mode by repeatedly tapping on the home screen and entering the kiosk exit passcode. Hexnode UEM’s kiosk launcher has two key features:

Auto-launch feature:
This feature in Kiosk Launcher provides an option for Android devices to select an app and set its auto-launch delay. Through this, the admins can specify a time period for the app to relaunch automatically.

It enables users to return to the home page in single-app mode. When using multi-app mode, the app auto-launch feature ensures that the app is automatically opened when the device is idle on the home screen for a certain amount of time.

Customization feature:
This feature helps to customize the appearance of the launcher by modifying app icon size, title bar height, font size, font color and a lot more. By customizing the kiosk launcher, admins can modify the kiosk home screen layout of applications from the device via drag and drop.

Using a UEM like Hexnode to secure kiosk devices allows admins to easily establish Kiosk policies and customize them. The Hexnode Kiosk solution helps to transform devices into purpose-oriented devices that may be utilized for a variety of corporate applications.