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How do I put my iPad into Kiosk mode?

The ability to lock down iPads into Kiosk mode is an important functionality for enterprises, that lets them secure and limit iPads to specific functions. Enterprise iPad devices can be turned into a Kiosk using the Guided Access feature, using Apple Configurator 2, or with the help of an MDM solution.

Although you don’t need additional software to set up Guided Access – as this feature is an inbuilt option on iPad devices – there are workarounds to exit Guided Access mode that makes it unreliable for corporate functionality.

This is why enterprises lean towards a Mobile Device Management solution to set up Kiosk lockdown. With Hexnode, enterprises can lock down iPads to

  • A Single App Kiosk
  • A Multi App Kiosk
  • An Autonomous Single App Kiosk
  • Or even to a Web App Kiosk

Employing an MDM solution like Hexnode enables enterprises to set up kiosk strategies with additional functionalities like geofencing and dynamic groups and enable automated lockdown to completely secure corporate iPads.