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How do I put my iPad into kiosk mode?

iPads are arguably the most used mobile kiosk devices on the planet. Enterprise iPad devices can be turned into a Kiosk using the Guided Access feature, using Apple Configurator 2, or with the help of a UEM solution. 

Simplify kiosk management with Hexnode

Although you don’t need additional software to set up Guided Access, as this is a built-in option on iPad devices, there are workarounds to exit Guided Access mode, which makes it unreliable for corporate functions. 

The better option would be a Unified Endpoint Management solution. With Hexnode, enterprises can lock down iPads to 

  • A Single App Kiosk: Locking the iPad to a single app 
  • A Multi App Kiosk: Locking the iPad so only a select few apps can be used 
  • An Autonomous Single App Kiosk: IT admin configures a trigger action; The iPad exits from the app screen only after the user fulfills the condition of the trigger. 
  • A Web App Kiosk: Lock the iPad screen to a single website. 

Employing a UEM solution like Hexnode enables enterprises to set up kiosk strategies with additional functionalities like geofencing and dynamic groups and enable automated lockdown to completely secure corporate iPads.