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How do I put my Android tablet in kiosk mode?

Enterprises can put their Android tablets in Kiosk mode to lock them down to a specified set of Apps, documents and websites. An Android tablet can be used as a kiosk with the help of a UEM. UEMs such as Hexnode can help with this.  

Android supports a variety of lockdown solutions, such as single app mode, multi-app mode, browser lockdown, and digital signage display, allowing you to fulfil all of your kiosk requirements. It also gives your company the flexibility to tweak the Kiosk launcher and Android peripheral settings to match your own business needs.  

Simplify kiosk management with Hexnode

Enterprises can configure advanced website kiosk rules to enforce browser lockdown using Hexnode’s own kiosk browser, and technicians can broadcast messages to kiosk devices using the Hexnode Messenger app.  

Effectively, Hexnode’s kiosk lockdown software secures your Android tablets and prevents users from getting side-tracked by any distractions.