Explainedback-iconKiosk Managementback-iconHow do I turn Windows 10 into a kiosk?

How do I turn Windows 10 into a kiosk?

Kiosk mode enables enterprise IT to lock down Windows 10 devices into a specific set of Apps. You can turn Windows 10 into a Kiosk using the Assigned Access feature in Accessibility settings or with the help of a Mobile Device Management solution. With Assigned Access, IT locks down the Windows 10 device into a single application and blocks access to all other device functionalities.

However, you cannot set up a Multi App Kiosk using Assigned Access. To achieve this feat, your enterprise can integrate with an MDM solution like Hexnode to configure and deploy Single App/Multi App Kiosk policies in bulk to Windows 10 devices. Also, it must be noted that only store and UWP apps can be set into Kiosk mode.

To set up a Single App Kiosk/Multi App Kiosk on Windows 10 using Hexnode, all that needs to be done is to configure and associate the Windows Kiosk policy from the Hexnode portal to the required devices.