Explainedback-iconKiosk Managementback-iconHow do I turn Windows 10 into a kiosk?

How do I turn Windows 10 into a kiosk?

IT admins use kiosk mode to restrict down Windows 10 PCs to a limited select set of Apps.  A windows device can be put in Kiosk mode using the Assigned Access feature or a Unified Endpoint Management solution. With Assigned Access, IT isolates a particular program on a Windows 10 device, preventing access to all other features.  

Simplify kiosk management with Hexnode

However, you cannot set up a Multi App Kiosk using Assigned Access. Multi app kiosk can be configured using a UEM like Hexnode. Enterprises can integrate with a UEM solution like Hexnode to configure and deploy Single App/Multi App Kiosk policies in bulk to Windows 10 devices. It must be noted that only store and UWP apps can be set into Kiosk mode. 

To set up a Single App Kiosk/Multi App Kiosk on Windows 10 using Hexnode, you need to configure and associate the Windows Kiosk policy from the Hexnode portal to the required devices.