• Edge security: Enterprise-focused security features of Spectralink devices include Google Play protection, safe browsing, Wi-Fi assistance, and much more.
  • End-to-end connectivity: Spectralink’s mobile communications solution helps employees in an organization stay connected with secured voice communications.
  • Resistance: Enterprise mobile devices from Spectralink are designed for use with the industrial environment. They offer high durability to be operated under all physical conditions.
  • Low power consumption: Energy requirements of Spectralink devices are meager.


Founded in 1990, Spectralink began its journey by building the first purpose-built mobile devices for remote workers. Leading the enterprise mobility markets, Spectralink offers mobility services, which include enterprise-based smartphones, Wi-Fi handsets, DECT portfolio, and other industry-focused applications. These solutions are optimized for a wide variety of industries like healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and hospitality.

Organizations and businesses enrolled in the Android Enterprise program employ OEMConfig standard to configure specific settings on their Android devices. OEMConfig applications take up the most part in deploying advanced enterprise-based features for devices. Enterprise mobility features supported by Spectralink include end-to-end connectivity, leading-edge security, purpose-built device capabilities, enhanced encryption techniques, and multi-factor authentication. Managing Spectralink’s enterprise mobile devices through Hexnode MDM makes it possible to leverage the critical EMM elements of these devices to address the business needs. Hexnode’s integration with Spectralink makes it possible to enforce enterprise device security over advanced support for users from a single console.

OEM-specific app configurations for Spectralink

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