ThirdEye X2 MR Glasses

Operating System: Android

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Manage ThirdEye X2 MR Glasses with Hexnode UEM
Enroll and manage ThirdEye X2 MR Glasses with Hexnode UEM

The X2 MR is a robust enterprise-grade Mixed Reality glasses aimed at increasing the productivity of frontline workers. The MR glasses are lightweight and easy to use. At 9.8 ounces, the X2 glasses offer a wide-field view, powerful sensors and VisionEye SLAM SDK to provide an exceptionally minimalistic form factor. The X2 MR glasses are a complete AR/MR solution for organizations worldwide, from viewing schematics, diagrams, and instructions to improving first-time fix rates and decreasing error rates.

X2 MR glasses allow you to project live digital transformation into the user’s field of view and execute remote collaborations using the RemoteEye feature. The glasses also come with a built-in low-resolution thermal sensor to provide a hands-free solution to thermography. With ThirdEye’s X2 MR glasses, frontline workers can follow pre-determined simplified workflows, conduct routine maintenance, and refer to documents and visual presentations while remaining hands-free.

By combining Hexnode and ThirdEye, businesses have the opportunity to take virtual workspaces to a whole new level. IT admins will be able to seamlessly manage, configure, apply policies and set compliance criteria for their MR devices.

  • Display
    • 1280 x 720p HD screen resolution
    • 500 nits brightness
    • 80%+ Transmittivity
    • 1.53 Angular Resolution
    • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
    • 42 degrees Field of View (Diagonal)
  • Operating System
    • Android 9.0
  • Chipset and Memory
    • Integrated CPU/GPU
    • 4 GB RAM + 64 GB ROM
    • Memory expandable via USB-C
  • User Controls
    • HeadMotion Gaze
    • Audio (Non-Linear Processing)
    • Gestures
    • Wireless Handheld Controller
  • Connectivity
    • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (runs on 5GHZ wifi)
    • BT 5.0 LE. USB-C for data transfer/charging.
  • Battery
    • 1900 mAh (Single rechargeable battery)
  • Camera
    • 13MP 4-axis Optical Image Stabilization RGB camera
    • 2 Wide Angle Global Shutter
  • Audio/Video
    • Video: Upto 720p at 30 fps. Encode: 4K60 8-bit: HEVC/H.264 + 1080P30. Decode: 4K60 10-Bit: HEVC/VP9/H.264, HDR 10.
    • Audio: Speaker, 3 noise-canceling Mics, Audio Jack
  • Sensors
    • Thermal sensor, Ambient Light sensor, Flashlight
    • 9-DOF (3-Axis Accelerometer, Magnetometer and Gyroscope)
    • Standard Android IMU
    • Software Enhanced Stabilization with a second Raw access IMU)
  • Weight
    • 310 grams
  • Included Applications:
    • ThirdEye MR Workspace App
    • ThirdEye App Store
    • VisionEye SLAM SDK
    • QR Code Scanner
    • Device Management App
    • PDF Reader
    • Video Recorder
    • Media Player
  • Accessories
    • Included: USB Type-C cable & Quick charger, Head Strap, ruggedized portable carrying case, earphones, Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, User Guide
    • Other Accessories: Strap for ballcap/bumpcap connection, wireless Bluetooth controller, 4&6 point Hard Hat connector.

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ThirdEye is an industry leader in providing a complete digital end-to-end eco-system of products in the Augmented Reality (smart glasses) and Artificial Intelligence (Metaverse) sectors. They create applications for gaming and entertainment industries as well as the enterprise sector, thus making their presence felt across multiple sectors.

AR has the potential to change the way the world operates, and ThirdEye’s vision is to develop technologies for the future. ThirdEye’s Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence platforms contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to the global goal of reducing emissions every year. They are making this possible by eliminating unnecessary workforce travel, reducing machine downtimes, using virtual 3D holograms for business meetings, and so on. From everyday consumers to Fortune 500 companies, ThirdEye brings the power of Augmented Reality and AI Metaverse applications to revolutionize how companies function in the virtual world.

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