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Yes, Stefania.

Broadcast messages can be made available even in Kiosk mode. If the Messages module doesn’t show up on the user devices, within the Kiosk screen, chances are that you have disabled Hexnode Messenger in your Kiosk policy.

Here’s how you can re-enable it.

  1. Go to Policies and click open your Kiosk policy
  2. Select Android settings > Kiosk mode
  3. Scroll down to Allow Hexnode Messenger
  4. Select the checkbox next to it
  5. Save Policy

Kiosk policy would be re-pushed, as you hit Save and Messaging would be re-enabled for the devices. A shortcut to Hexnode Messenger, Messages will be placed on the Kiosk screen, where users can find all the messages sent to them. New messages will always flash on the Kiosk screen as well.

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