Unsung warriors: Key takeaways from Hexnode Partner Summit opening keynote

Heather Gray

Apr 20, 2021

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Hexnode’s inaugural Partner Summit is underway. We can’t wait to share what’s ahead. This is going to be a fun filled event with plenty of exciting sessions in store, we can promise you that! It’s 2021 and in spite of the pandemic raging on it hasn’t stopped us from carrying out what we have been thinking about doing for a long time – hosting our very own Partner Summit. Though the event is going virtual this yearwe will be having plenty of interactive sessions to equip our partners with everything they need to know to effectively market Hexnode to their clients. But enough about that, there’ll be other blogs coming right up to give you more detailed updates on it, so be sure to stay tuned for that.  

The Partner Summit kicked off with an informative opening keynote session by Apu Pavithran, Founder and CEO at HexnodeAs he welcomed all partners to the event, he talked about the pandemic ushering in digitalization across various industries and how Hexnode has been enhancing its feature list to help businesses successfully transition to remote work. He talked about Hexnode being listed as a notable vendor in the Gartner UEM Magic Quadrant in midmarket context. 

This is a huge achievement for us. An achievement that I would like to dedicate to each and every one of you. We couldn’t have done this without you says Apu.  

Despite 2020 being a tough year, we had our key moments that helped us to stand out. Hosting our inaugural user conference – HexCon20 is high up in the list. Held virtually on the 2nd and 3rd of December last year, the event was jam packed with a number of lively discussions, interactive sessions, keynote speeches, product demos and feature announcements. Acknowledging all the positive responses and support that helped make HexCon20 a success, Apu revealed hosting the next Hexnode user conference – HexCon21 a little earlier this year on September 21. Check out this blog to get a quick summary on everything around HexCon20.  

Hexnode Partner Summit Opening Keynote Highlights   

Feature Announcement   

We got to hear some exciting new features for Hexnode UEM. Users will now be delighted to note that new functionalities such as VPP app installation and remote OS updates has been added to bring in a more granularized management for Apple TVs. Existing features for Windows and MacBooks have been strengthened to squarely meet any challenges your clients may face in managinthe devices. 

Affiliate Partnership and ISV Partnership   

Reflecting on the growth of the partner ecosystem, it was announced that an ISV partnership and Affiliate partnership has been included to help partners expertly market Hexnode to future clients. 

Affiliate Partnership:

Partners can promote Hexnode and earn a 15% commission when a potential customer signs the contract. The affiliate program is categorized into two channels – Business Affiliate and Industry Affiliate. By joining the Business Affiliate channel, SMB ISVs and independent website owners can help their customers or followers meet their endpoint management challenges with Hexnode. All you have to do is to promote Hexnode and earn commissions for the sales you generate. The Influencer Affiliate channel is best suited for social media icons, bloggers, writers and other industry experts. Promote Hexnode in your works or spread the word around potential customers and earn commissions for the sales you generate.    

ISV Partnership:

By joining the ISV Partnership program, companies can add Hexnode UEM with their solutions.

Knox Validation

Hexnode’s integration with Samsung Knox has helped boost the security of managed devices to a great degreeThis has been strengthened even further by Hexnode UEM now being recognized as a Knox validated partner. Through the Knox Validation Program, Samsung verifies and authenticates solution partners that meet Knox’s platform and product requirements. In the opening keynote it was revealed that Hexnode successfully passed all the tests on the criteria of evaluation and is now officially recognized as a digital workspace platform supporting Samsung Knox features and services.  

Partner Directory  

With Hexnode launching its very own partner directory, partners can now get their names displayed on our website. This will help customers to locate you easily. 

Sales Certification  

It’s now time to officially prove to your clients that you are an expert in all things HexnodeThe new certification course that tests your sales knowledge will cover the following: product positioning, customer acquisition and retention and marketing. It will provide partners with substantial knowledge to market Hexnode well and help them win a Hexnode certified sales consultant badge. Two levels of certification based on product knowledge has been introduced – Hexnode certified professional and Hexnode certified expert. Partners can get certified through Hexnode Academya platform that will help you to improve your expertise on Hexnode 

Partner portal revamp  

Plans were revealed to introduce new functionalities within the partner portal to make it more tailored for your requirements. These include the addition of more marketing engagements, email campaigns, co-branded collaterals and joined business plans.  

Partner Webinars

Webinars have always been cherished by our partners. There are plans in place to invite more technology and ISV partners to connect and discuss about Hexnode’s combined offering and strategies.   

Partner Awards

Now this is something that we can all agree on – one of the best parts of any event is the time when awards are handed out. Hexnode’s Partner Summit is no exception and plans on awarding the best performing partners were revealed. The categories include: Partner of the year award, Sales story of the year award and the Do gooder award.  

Partner of the year award

This will be an invite only award where the nominees will be chosen by Hexnode. The awardee will be selected based on a wide range of performance factors such as: sales figures, event participation, feature suggestions and other activities. Nominees have already been notified in advance and the winner will be announced at the event. So, all nominees keep your fingers crossed and may the best partner win!  

Sales story of the year award

This award will be handed out based on the case studies provided to us. The partner who submits the most impressive case study will be announced as the winner.  

The Do gooder award

Just as its namesake suggests, this will be awarded to the partner who did their best to help contribute to a cause with Hexnode 

Now you might just be pondering over the benefits of winning the award. Here’s what’s in store: you can get a physical badge and a digital badge that can be highlighted on your website or blog. Other benefits include – getting mentioned in a Hexnode blog for two months that averages 50,000 views per month and getting mentions on our website and monthly newsletter 


Now that we have covered what was in the Hexnode Partner Summit opening keynote, let’s have a quick peek into what you can expect from the Partner Summit.  

Forecasts and Announcements

Get an insider scoop on what to expect from the partner ecosystem and products. 

Sales Enablement Strategies

Being at the top of your game is no easy feat. Learn with us to get a more detailed coverage on some of the finest sales and marketing strategies that will help you grow. 

Hexnode Sales Certification

Have access to our sales training programs, these materials have been prepared based on our own experiences 

Meet Other Partners

This would be a great opportunity to meet with other fellow Hexnode partners. We are all ears to hear your side of the story on helping clients win with Hexnode

Exciting games

We already have an array of incredible games in store. These include 1 Minute Sales Pitch (prepare a 1 minute sales pitch for everyday objects) and Guess What (have fun trying to guess the word the host has given to your fellow participant).

Hexnode Partner Awards

We know you love Hexnode just as much as we do. Our first Partner Summit wouldn’t be complete without recognizing partners who have made great strides to make endpoint management a little bit easier with Hexnode 

Be sure to stick around for more blogs on Hexnode Partner Summit 2021  






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