Inviting sponsors for Hexnode events: Your chance to mingle with the UEM crowd

Andrea Jones

Mar 11, 2021

3 min read

Hexnode is inviting sponsors for its yearlong events such as the global user conference – HexCon, annual partner summit, webinars and so on. The events, which will attract thousands of guests will be a perfect opportunity for sponsors to showcase their products and make connections.

Hexnode had its first ever global user conference last year on December called HexCon20. Even being a virtual event, the conference was a huge success and that gave us courage to pursue more this year. HexCon20 was limited to Hexnode’s customers, partners and partner invitees, but this year HexCon21 is inviting non-customer attendees from all over the world. Also, Hexnode is hosting its first ever annual Partner Summit this year which too is open for all- Hexnode’s reseller partners, affiliate partners, distributors, partner invitees, users, and non-users. The Partner Summit will be conducted on April 21, 2021 and HexCon21 on September 21, 2021. Hexnode will also be hosting yearlong webinars with industry experts and speakers.

Witnessing the trends from last year’s conference, Hexnode has revised its sponsorship program to a much more flexible format with multiple tiers of plans and budget friendly add-ons. Let’s explore the new sponsorship packages.

Bronze Sponsor Package

HexCon21/Partner Summit – $999
All event package – $1999

  • Schedule meetings or demos with the attendees
  • Receive leads from attendees who contact the sponsors
  • Get featured in the Hexnode press releases and blogs
  • Logo, link and 50-word description on event sponsor website
  • One social media post featuring all the bronze sponsors
  • Individual exhibitor page in the event where the sponsors can have a 50-word description, logo, custom banner and link to the company website

Silver Sponsor Package

HexCon21/Partner Summit – $2499
All event package – $4999

  • Everything in Bronze plus,
  • One breakout session or one customer success spotlight and generate leads from the the attendees
  • Add one downloadable resource

Gold Sponsor Package

HexCon21 – $4999
Partner Summit – $2999
All event package – $7499

  • Everything in Silver plus,
  • One 30-minute breakout session
  • One 5-minute customer success spotlight
  • Be a sponsor of a Hexnode webinar
  • Custom room to showcase the product or service
  • Two downloadable resources
  • Custom banner on the event home page
  • Sponsor logo in 5 Hexnode social media posts
  • Branding on the networking break session
  • Logo features at the beginning of the keynote broadcast

Platinum Sponsor Package

HexCon21 – $7499
Partner Summit – $4999
All event package – $9999

  • Everything in Gold plus,
  • 30 minutes breakout session in all Hexnode events
  • 5-minute customer success spotlight in all Hexnode events
  • Two custom rooms for showcasing the product or service
  • Individual blog or publish interview in Hexnode blogs along with social media promotion
  • Interview with the sponsor published on YouTube channel
  • Commercial before/between keynotes
  • Event invitation mail branding

If you need additional features but don’t want to purchase a whole new package, we have a few add-ons listed here.

Sponsorship add-ons

  • Commercial before/between keynote – $1449
  • Hexnode webinar sponsorship – $999
  • Event invite mail branding – $499
  • Networking break session branding – $749
  • Individual blog/ Interview on Hexnode blogs – $749
  • Social media post branding – $349

There’s a lot to gain from being a Hexnode event sponsor. Ping us on if you are interested in being a sponsor or need more information.


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