Introducing Hexnode Certified Sales Consultant – the sales certification for Hexnode partners

Elizabeth Hale

Mar 12, 2021

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Hexnode is hosting its first-ever event for channel partners – Hexnode Partner Summit 2021 this year on the 21st of April. The event will set the stage for many firsts such as the partner sales certification program and partner awards.

What is Hexnode Certified Sales Consultant?

This is a certification program tailored exclusively for Hexnode partners to equip them with best practices and product knowledge for selling Hexnode products to prospective clients and gain new leads. The Channel Partnership certification course consists of

  • A detailed overview of the partner portal
  • A product brief that will enable the reseller partners and distributors to educate the prospective clients
  • Competitor landscape analysis session to educate the partners about the industry, competitors and where they stand.
  • A sales and customer service session which will cover the sales practices, tips and tricks for providing the best customer service
  • A marketing session, which will educate the partners to market Hexnode efficiently and gain new clients.

Why become a Hexnode certified sales consultant?

The sales certification program is something you don’t want to miss

  • Offer winning pitches to your clients
  • Learn the key drivers in UEM and endpoint security
  • Get inside knowledge on the main selling points of Hexnode offerings
  • Suggest solutions based on the clients’ requirements
  • Hear and learn from some of the best salespersons in the industry
  • Announce you are an expert at selling world-class B2B products
  • Showcase your expertise as an enterprise sales consultant in your portfolio

Channel Partnership course outline

The certification course enables channel partners to implement an effective marketing and sales strategy to improve sales, customer acquisition and retention. The course consists of 9 chapters:


This chapter covers the basics of channel partnership. You’ll get a quick overview of the Hexnode partner program sign-up process, program benefits and types of partnerships available. There will also be a product training session explaining how to use the Hexnode partner portal, how to avail the partner resources, along with a brief description of the Sales Consultant course.


The second chapter is a product training session and covers the endpoint management basics followed by a detailed justification on why companies should opt for Hexnode UEM. The session walks the attendees through all the major aspects that contribute to the success of Hexnode UEM.


The chapter trains the attendees to deliver a good product demonstration. The session details the importance of giving clients a product demo and key ingredients of a perfect demo besides some product demo dos and don’ts and best practices.


Chapter 4 is a sales training session that discusses the sales acquisition process that Hexnode follows. There will be a detailed analysis of the user acquisition models, the purchase cycle, the pricing plans and the reasons why businesses choose Hexnode, in addition to the training on creating a buyer persona.


Some valuable observations on customer retention are shared in the fifth chapter. The attendees get detailed explanations of the importance of customer retention for B2B with explicit instructions on measuring customer retention, upselling and some practical strategies to improve customer retention.


The sixth chapter is purely a product training session regarding modern desktop management. The session covers the basics of modern desktop management, the benefits of using Hexnode for desktop management, pricing plan recommendations, business use cases and answers to some common queries connected to desktop management.


This chapter gives attendees a brief idea of the UEM market and the competitor landscape. The session includes the UEM vendor categorization, the aspects by which Hexnode stays unique in the UEM market, UEM must-haves and Hexnode brand standards.


The chapter briefs for channel partners the marketing tips and techniques including detailed discussions on effective strategies for content marketing, social media marketing and advertising.


With this chapter, the attendees get in-depth insights into the concepts that help them build a channel marketing strategy. The chapter discusses various inbound as well as outbound marketing techniques and provides attendees some pro tips to become a successful channel partner. It also educates the attendees on the potential reasons for the failure of partner marketing processes and makes sure that they have become an expert in building a successful partner program.
These sessions will be later available on the partner website, and partners can attend the course anytime.

How would be the certification exam conducted?

Attendees should log in to the Hexnode Academy website to take the certification exam. The exam will include 30 questions based on the above-mentioned sessions, which should be completed in 40 min. The attendees must score 60% or above to obtain the certification. Attendees are allowed three attempts to clear the exam. No attendee can retake a passed exam any time later.
The resources for the certification exam will be made available on the Hexnode Academy website. Partners can log in to the Hexnode Academy website any time and attend the exam. The attendee will have to score 60% or above to obtain the certification. After clearing the exam, the Hexnode certified sales consultant badge and certificate will be awarded to the attendee. The certificate is valid for two years from the date of issue.


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