Hexnode Partner Summit 2022 as it happened

Brendon Baxter

Apr 21, 2022

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Hexnode Partner Summit 2022 has come to a close. We had some great sessions from industry experts. It was a memorable experience for both attendees and speakers alike. Thank you for being a part of the event. See you all next year.

3:55 pm EDT 04/21/2022

Session: Hexnode Partner Awards
The Partner Summit comes to a close with Apu Pavithran Founder and CEO unveiling the winners of the much-anticipated Partner awards and briefed on the upcoming plans that would help Hexnode keep up with the changing times.

3:50 pm EDT 04/21/2022

Session: How to Get the Most Business Value from Social Media
The world is now more digital than ever. What should businesses do to adapt with the times? Robert Knop unravelled the power of social media and shared various tips in which businesses can identify the tools that is right for them.

3:50 pm EDT 04/21/2022

Session: The Evolving Cybersecurity Landscape
Sarah Armstrong Smith, chief security advisor at Microsoft shared the best practices businesses can implement in a physical, digital and biological environment. Some of the highlights of the session included:

  • The integration between IT, OT and IOT environment
  • Biggest threats within the cybersecurity landscape
  • Cyber impacts across various industries
  • Importance of implementing zero trust in OT and IOT environments

3:15 pm EDT 04/21/2022

Session: Foundational Cloud Security – Fix it Once, and Forever
Steve LaChance, CMO at Tenacity broke down the foundation of cloud security by discussing its problems, solution and proof. The session covered:

  • The importance of building up a solid cloud security foundation
  • Various measures businesses can implement to strengthen security within the workplace

3:00 pm EDT 04/21/2022

Session: How to identify ‘Red Flag Moments’ where video accelerates sales
Todd, CEO at Wirebuzz shared some insights on how to identify red flags within sales and the steps you need to implement to turn them into green.

2:35 pm EDT 04/21/2022

Session: Using marketing automation to create more personalized customer journeys
Greg Zakowicz walked us through the various ways in which customer journey can be improved and personalized. The session also covered the relevance of automation to personalize customer stories and tips on implementing the new best practices. Further pointers discussed within the session included:

  • Email and SMS automation trends
  • Growing importance of automation
  • Ways to create more personalized journeys
  • How automation can be used to leverage customer experience
  • Tips to gain and retain more customers

2:30 pm EDT 04/21/2022

Session: The Keys to Modern Leadership
What does it take to be an impactful leader in a modern workplace? Nickoria Johnson, chief diversity officer and partner at Credera gave an insightful session on how to be a successful leader in today’s climate and the various tips leaders can implement within their leadership style to be a more impactful, empathetic and inclusive leader.

2:00 pm EDT 04/21/2022

Session: Why to Shift from Customer Centric to Buyer-Driven Marketing
CEO and B2B marketing strategist, Ardath Albee talked about the shift from a customer centric to buyer driven marketing. The session covered:

  • The different elements that make up buyer driven marketing
  • Importance of building up an irresistible engagement
  • Ways in which businesses can understand their buyers
  • Approach to get started with the shift

1:45 pm EDT 04/21/2022

Session: What Sailing, Selling, and Storytelling Have In Common
Ryan Foland, speaker and author unlocked the intricate world of storytelling and the various ways in which businesses can leverage it to build trust with their customers. Here’s what the session covered:

  • Experience vs expertise: which is better?
  • Various ways in which companies can share their stories
  • The importance of storytelling in marketing
  • Tips on how to tell good stories
  • Challenges storytellers face
  • How to leverage storytelling in a more impactful way

1:20 pm EDT 04/21/2022

Session: Why you need a UEM as a Reseller
Melanie Seekins highlighted the importance of having an endpoint management solution within the workplace. The session covered some of the benefits that come with bringing onboard a UEM solution, these included:

  • Efficiently managing employees remotely
  • Secure endpoints against cybercriminals
  • Protect corporate resources in home networks
    The session came to a close with Melanie stressing on the need for resellers to have a UEM solution and shared tips on how to the right UEM solution.

1:30 pm EDT 04/21/2022

Session: How the Brain is Influenced and Formulates Buying Decisions
This session by David Hoffeld summarized the science behind the various factors that influences buying behavior. Key points discussed within the session included:

  • Relevance of heuristics in making buying decisions
  • Leveraging the power of social proof
  • How reactance affects the sales process and what you can do about it?
  • Mind processing habits
  • Goals that needs to be implemented in every stage of the sales process

1:00 pm EDT 04/21/2022

Session: Transforming B2B marketing for the modern B2B buyers
Naren KN, chief business officer at Techbag Digital discussed the changing trends in B2B software buying, importance of E-Commerce, various marketing strategies customers are adopting and various tips to improve your B2B marketing efforts.

12:40 pm EDT 04/21/2022

Session: Taking your workplace to the next level with IoT Device Analytics
Jen Yong, Founder of Syndes Technologies, talked about the accelerating growth of the global IoT market. The session covered:

  • The use cases of IoT Device Analytics
  • Role UEM plays in securing and managing IoT devices
  • What 5G rollout means for IoT UEM
  • Relevance of Device as a Service (DaaS) within enterprise mobility

12:30 pm EDT 04/21/2022

Session: Fun Hour
Partners had a great time engaging themselves in fun-filled activities like Pictionary and other games during the fun hour. It was also the perfect opportunity for partners to build some connections among themselves.

12:40 pm EDT 04/21/2022

Session: Why Most B2B Marketing Fails (and What You Can Do to Avoid It)
Conversion copywriter and customer acquisition strategist, Eden Bidani, discussed multiple challenges faced with B2B marketing. The session covered:

  • The different ways in which B2B companies and their prospects can be brought closer
  • Key insights on successfully implementing B2B marketing
  • Tips on making your content more accessible

12:45 pm EDT 04/21/2022

Session: It’s Time to Mix it Up! Rethinking Your Channels in a Post-Digital Age
Tim Hines, professional marketer and consultant with 20 years experience talked about the evolution of digital marketing and the multiple digital tactics businesses can use. Some of the key highlights of the session included:

  • Purpose, scope and measurement goal of pre-digital, digital and post-digital
  • Some stats on falling short on customer expectations
  • How to track conversions
  • Top post digital trends

12:10 pm EDT 04/21/2022

Session: Leveraging Hexnode’s partner resources to its fullest potential
This session by Ankur, Channel Marketing Associate explained the best way to make use of Hexnode’s partner resources.

12:10 pm EDT 04/21/2022

Session: Automated Content: How AI Impacts Content Across the Organization
Research Analyst and Strategic Advisor, Rebecca Lieb, shared the benefits and challenges of using automated content. The session covered:

  • Challenges with content generation
  • Various ways in which content can be automated
  • Pattern recognition in AI content generation
  • How it boosts sales and SEO

12:00 pm EDT 04/21/2022

Session: Pivot, Pivot, Pivot! Post-Pandemic Marketing Hacks for the Modern Buyers
B2B marketer doer Pam Didner gave an enlightening session on the various trends that would stay after the pandemic. These include the prevalence of virtual communication, use of digital touchpoints to increase conversion rates, prioritizing digital customer experience and the importance content holds in marketing.

11:55 am EDT 04/21/2022

Session: Partner portal: A new experience
Wonder what the most anticipated Partner Relationship Management (PRM) tool has in store? Anish from the Channel Partnership Team walked us through the tool that would help provide a more holistic partner experience. The second half of the session was taken over by Amith, Lead Brand Strategist at Hexnode as he gives a brief demo on the Through Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) tool. The session covered:

  • Improved partner experience
  • TCMA
  • The benefits of TCMA
  • Upcoming features
11:00 am EDT 04/21/2022

Session: Mobile Management Made Easy: UEM 101
With the world going mobile it can be difficult to manage and secure devices within your organization. Athira, Manager of the Customer Acquisition and Happiness team, shared the best practices businesses can implement with the help of UEM.

11:45 am EDT 04/21/2022

Session: Zero Trust Approach to Cybersecurity
Don McLean, chief cybersecurity technologist at DLT and Forrester zTx Strategist talk in-depth about implementing zero trust on cybersecurity. Key pointers covered in the session included:

  • What is zero trust?
  • What are the key problems that it solves?
  • Its key concepts
  • Various frameworks, initiatives and laws
  • Framework comparison
  • Implementation

Don McLean further shared tips on how to get started and covered some concerns regarding implementing zero trust such as management support and quantifying ROI.

10:55 am EDT 04/21/2022

Session: Lasting Loyalty: The Easy Way to Attract and Keep Customers and Employees
This enlightening session by Roger Dooley talked about the challenges businesses face in keeping employees satisfied and loyal. Some of the key pointers of the session included:

  • Understanding the interplay between motivation and effort
  • Identifying the ways in which various blockers can be removed
  • Finding friction within your customer experience
  • How people play an integral part in identifying and resolving the identified friction

11:00 am EDT 04/21/2022

Session: Desktop Management: Managing Modern Desktops with Hexnode UEM
Sachin K, Lead Product Specialist walked us through the basics of modern desktop management for businesses and the pivotal role UEM plays in it.

10:45 am EDT 04/21/2022

Session: 5 Major Trends in MarTech
Scott Brinker, editor of discussed the 5 major trends in marketing technology. Some of the key highlights discussed within the session included:

  • “no code” citizen creators
  • Platforms – networks – martketplaces
  • Great app explosion
  • Harmonizing human and machine

10:09 am EDT 04/21/2022 – Opening Keynote

Session: Keep Moving Forward
The opening keynote began with Apu Pavithran, Founder and CEO at Hexnode, looking back on an eventful year and shared some exciting news regarding the revamped Hexnode Marketplace. The keynote session came to a close with Rachana Vijayan, CMO and Director of Sales at Hexnode unveil the functionalities of the Partner Relationship Management (PRM) portal.


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