Calling in speakers for HexCon20… Share your story, we’re all ears

Elizabeth Hale

Aug 29, 2020

2 min read

HexCon20, Hexnode’s first-ever global user conference is just 3 months away. The event is set to take place as an online event this year on Dec 2nd and 3rd. However, no user conference is complete without its fair share of user stories. We are inviting our customers and partners – those who’ve been with us for a very long time and the newest additions to our family to be a contributing factor to HexCon20. We would love to have your stories be heard by the rest of the family members and get to know each other a tad bit more… for everyone loves to hear stories. If you have not registered yet, here is the link.

Why share your story?

It is important to make people see the importance of a well-placed endpoint management solution to secure devices and data in an enterprise. What better way to express it rather than a story from the experienced? Sharing different use cases will also help others to see Hexnode in a different light altogether.

How to become a speaker?

You can nominate yourself or someone else in your company to be a speaker at HexCon20. Just ping us at hexcon@hexnode.com if you are interested in being a speaker or if you would like to nominate a speaker.

Here are some pointers to keep in mind

  • You can talk about your experience with Hexnode and the implementation process
  • Talk about how Hexnode helped to overcome a particular problem you were facing
  • Talk about success rates, statistics and percentages
  • Talk about the importance of adopting an endpoint management solution or kiosk solution in business and anything relevant to the industry
  • Talk about your business and how it has seen improvement after implementing Hexnode

What you cannot talk about

  • Sales pitches
  • Offensive subjects

Due to the limited time we have, not all applicants may not be able to get a chance to speak at the event. But we will be glad to hear them anyway and post it on our website. Also, the speakers will be selected based on the above-mentioned criteria.


Elizabeth Hale

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